Mission & Vision

Mission statement

“Passion for God, compassion for people”


We are an intercultural community of followers of Jesus Christ taking part in God’s mission of redemption and restoration in Rotterdam.


We want to be a community that follows in Jesus’ footsteps. Cooperating well together, appreciating and encouraging each other, forgiving and building one another up. We also want to actively support people who are in need.

 Building up together:  At the ICF, we are building up a loving community of people from all over the world in order to send them out as committed followers of Jesus Christ. The church is always ‘under construction’. We keep building new parts, in order for the community to grow in love. That keeps us fresh and alive!

Together for a while:  People come and go. We build together, we cry and laugh, work and serve. We sing and pray, and say goodbye again after some time. However long or short somebody is with us, we want to equip everybody to walk his or her personal path of life together with God.

Composition:  ICF is unique in our international composition. People of more than 40 different nationalities together form one church. They experience the cultural variety and enjoy the oneness in faith. We do not agree on every subject – our backgrounds are too different for that. However, we do agree on the main issues. Love crosses cultural boundaries.

Bible central:  We believe that the Bible is the book by which God makes himself known. There are clear answers in the Bible to essential questions, such as “Where do I come from?”, “What is the goal of my life?”, “What happens after this life?”. The Bible is to us the basis and foundation, our guide, standard and source of inspiration. We experience the Word of God as a vibrant message, which is very relevant to our lives. God is still speaking today, and that fills us with awe, respect and joy. It’s all about Him!