Building rules

We are thankful that the the school has allowed us to use De Swaef the past couple of years for our church services. It is very important to us as a community that we are good caretakers of the school. For this reason it is important that we know the rules of using the school so that we can carry the responsibility.

Parents are kindly requested to communicate the following rules for the children:

  • The assembly hall, the hall for the creche, the kids clubs area and the court behind the school are ment for play. Children are not allowed to access other places than this.
  • To prevent damage to the building it is not allowed to play with balls, rollerblade, skateboard or bike inside the building.
  • Walls, windows, doors and furniture are not meant to be written on or to climb upon.

The following is important for the grown-ups:

  • The assembly hall, the hallway for the creche and the court behind the school are accessible.¬†Only key holders and fix-it team members are free to access other areas.
  • The teachers room is used as a prayer- and pastoral room before and after the service. The coffee machine, kitchen, and hall behind this area are not for general use.
  • Diapers must only be disposed at the trash bin beside the baby changing table.
  • Parents are responsible for the compliance of their children toward the building rules.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the school courtyard, outside the door behind the stage.