Where we come from


In 1998, a group of people from different denominations saw a need to start English bible studies. They had the dream of building a community that represents the diversity of Rotterdam South. This dream came true as the community grew and attracted neighbors, friends and colleagues to join. The community became a church in 2000 and chose to be part of a larger group of churches, the Christian Reformed Church.

The community then saw the birth of a number of projects with a true impact on the city, including House of Hope, Home for Kurds and BEE bible school. The church was led by evangelist Theo Visser who also served as a pastor. As the church transferred from its pioneering stage, the leadership was taken over by Samson Nibi, Humayin Sunil and Jan Kieviet in 2008. Through trial and error the community flourished. By then the church consisted of more than 40 nationalities. The dream of a church which reflected Rotterdam south in its diversity came true.

We were blessed by several other initiatives that developed in our midst including Thuis in West and LEEF!. As the community grew, there was a need for a full-time pastor. In 2013, pastor Coen Legemaate, together with his wife Katja, were called to the community. With them, we continue to dream of a Rotterdam South that is truly whole.

We can’t wait to meet you and for you to be a part of this story too!