Mission & Identity


We are an intercultural community of followers of Jesus Christ taking part in God’s mission of redemption and restoration in Rotterdam.



ICF is unique in our international composition; people of more than 40 different nationalities together, form our church! Scripture makes it clear that God loves ALL peoples, and desires people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to worship Him together in unity of faith. We are a church that seeks to honor Him by pursuing this biblical vision, together. Our aim is to build up and send out many followers of Jesus to share His love with the world! God’s love crosses all cultural boundaries.


Christ is the reason ICF exists. He is the one who binds us together. Without Him, there can be no lasting unity. He is God in the flesh; the Way to salvation, the Truth of life, and Life itself. It is our great passion that everyone will come to know Him. For that reason, God’s Word -the Bible- is central in ICF. Scripture is our basis and foundation; our guide and standard and source of inspiration.  His Word is a vibrant message, as relevant to our lives today as it was to those who lived in the days when it was written. Through it God speaks to us today, and that fills us with awe, respect, thankfulness, and joy!


 At ICF, we are building up a loving community of people from all over the world. Through fellowship we not only become closer to each other, but to God as well. It’s through this fellowship that we grow as disciples of Christ, and become stronger in our faith and love. Of course, the church is always “under construction”, as there’s always room for us to grow and change, and that’s exactly why we need our community! As iron sharpens iron, so fellowship keeps us fresh and alive!