This Sunday: two services 9:30AM & 11:15AM

As announced last week, this Sunday we will see if it is possible to have two shorter services on a Sunday morning: one starting at 9:30AM and one at 11:15AM. These services will both be in English, with headphone translation to Dutch for everybody who needs it. By skipping the translation on stage and the childrens song, we will gain about half an hour.

As a rule of thumb: if you have children who attend the kids work, please go to the service at 9:30AM. If not, then please go to the second service at 11:15AM.

How will it go?

  • Please be on time! This must always be so, but now it is even more important: the service will be shorter so you will miss more!
  • Kids work in the morning: please bring your kids to the club before the service starts.
  • If you enter the building and see there is still work to be done, ask if you can help!
  • Exit of the first service will be via the schoolyard. For ventilation and the preparations of the second service, you will be asked to continue the fellowship outside 15 minutes after the service has ended.
  • We will record the livestream only once; it will start at 9:30AM. But it will be broadcasted via two links; one the original, the other with Dutch translation dubbed.

For the future:

  • Let’s all pray that this will help us as a church to meet God and one another.
  • Sunday December 5 we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the afternoon. Then there will be no second service in the morning. Please make a choice whether you will visit the morning service or the afternoon service.
  • If we have a special service, for example because there is a baptism, we will have one service at 10:30AM.

We are thankful for everybody who serves in ICF at a Sunday morning. Your love to help as many people as possible to meet God together is amazing! We do not know what re-planning will come next, but this attitude of serving sure is a light in these times. To God be all glory!