ICF is a bilingual church in the heart of the South of Rotterdam. Though the services are in two languages (English and Dutch), there are many more spoken amongst us, as we have the privilege of having over 40 nationalities represented in our congregation! We love celebrating the differences among us, while recognizing that Jesus has formed us into one body. Our faith in Him gives us a unique and joyful unity as we seek to honor Him through encouraging, exhorting, challenging, and helping one another.
We´re glad you´ve found our website, and hope you join us for Sunday services and other activities!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line through office@icfrotterdam.nl or connect@icfrotterdam.nl


Sunday service


We want to offer everyone a chance to get acquainted with the Christian faith, ask questions and share how you live your life.

The Alpha is a series of around 10 evenings to get acquainted with the Christian faith. Each evening is about a different question about faith and is designed to talk to each other. We like to eat together and have a conversation.

Start date: 10 January 2023

Address: Boergoensevliet 24, Bethel Church