Dear friends,

“God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.”

I love the word “ever-present”. Do we need that in times like these. When isolation is the only vaccine we have so far, He is an ever-present help!

During these weeks we will fight for three things.

1) To put our hope in the Lord.

2) To have fellowship with one another, even though we are apart.

3) And to let His light shine in this dark world, in word, prayer and deeds.

To put our hope in the Lord: we thank him for how amazingly He gave the means to experience the church service last Sunday. Coming Sunday we will experience that as well – the Lord willing.

There is preperation material avialable (including material for the children):


Have Fellowship with one another: I am touched by the way Homegroups and ministries are looking after one another. Not part of a Homegroup? Please send a mail to homegroups@icfrotterdam.nl.

Coming Sunday we will have Zoomtime again as our fellowship. After 25 minutes, I will divide the session into breakout rooms of 5 callers. In that way you can share more!

Zoomlink for Sunday: https://zoom.us/j/657455106

If you want to view an old lifestream click on these links:

livestream 22 march 2020

Shine the Light

Doing groceries, making food, help in transport etc. etc. If you want to help, see someone who could use help or are in need of help in a practical way? Please contact the deacons: deacons@icfrotterdam.nl



God is in Control!


Ds. Coen Legemaate

Pastor International Christian Fellowship Rotterdam


The church council of ICF decided that because of that we will have NO church service at our usual location coming Sunday (until March 31).


I am not a part of a HomeGroup or a ministry, but I want to join a group. How do I find a group?
Please send a text message to Jacob Kiers with your name and address. He will find a nice place for you where you will feel welcome. 06-40385062


What if I am not able to go to a group, for whatever reason?

You are welcome to participate in the livestream.


What if Holland goes into a further lockdown and everyone is advised to stay home?

Then we will cancel the smallgroups as well. However we will do whatever is possible to still have the livestream online.