Founded in the year 1340, Rotterdam – known as “The Gateway to Europe”- is rich with history and beauty.  As home to the largest port in Europe, it is the main shipping center in the Netherlands, and is a natural meeting point of cultures. People from all over the world come here for industry, for family, and simply for a better, more prosperous life. With 630,383 (as of 2014) calling Rotterdam home, it is the second largest city in the Netherlands.
Rotterdam has its own unique multicultural makeup, with almost half of those living here being of non-Dutch origin, and around seventy percent of the shops being run by people of non-Dutch origin! This makes for a deep and complex culture, with many layers.
After being bombed during World War two (the Rotterdam Blitz, c. 1940), the city was built up in more modern ways than its counterpart cities. Because of that, you can now find skyscrapers and other more modern buildings, mixed together with the classic Dutch architecture that marked the city before the bombing. This gives Rotterdam a unique texture and feel that, along with the cultural diversity, makes it an exciting and incredibly unique city.

Since at ICF we take reaching the nations with God’s great news so seriously, Rotterdam is the perfect “international city” to make our home. We love this city, and love being part of God’s story in it.


Entire City
Population: 630,383
47.7% of the population are of non Dutch origin, or have at least one parent born outside NL.

City Center
70% singles (between ages 20-40)
51% foreign-born citizens
70% of shops are run by foreign-born citizens