BEE Bible School


Stichting BEE(Biblical Education by Extention) is a non-denominational Bible School for those that have come to this country to seek refuge and to any other person who desires to receive Biblical education in the English language. BEE Bible School aims to serve the local migrants and international churches by providing solid biblical teaching for their members.

The complete program consists of 4 modules. Each module contains 5 lessons on 3 subjects:

Module 1:
Who is God?
What is the Bible?
Communication: Share your Faith

Module 2:
Man, Sin and Salvation
Overview of the Old Testament
Christian Ethics

Module 3:
Sanctification and Discipleship
Overview of the New Testament

Module 4:
Calling, Gifts and Ministries
Wider Issues
The Church: Past and Present

For more information about the modules, fees or contact information go to the website.

Frequently asked questions:

When can I start the BEE program?
Ideally BEE encourages students to start in September with the first module. There are possibilties to start the program before each module creating 4 moments to start following the course.

Is it possible to follow specific modules only?
At BEE this is possible. You can follow only one of the four modules if this suits you better. You will get a certificate for every module you pass.

It is not possible to Audit modules.