We are ChristenDOM?, a group of enthusiastic young adults with an intercultural background, who follow the Lord Jesus Christ. We started this project from ICF Rotterdam and young people from other churches have also joined. We have different backgrounds: some of us grew up in Islamic families, others grew up in a devout Protestant family, some have explored atheïsm and some were cultural Catholics before they followed the Lord Jesus Christ.

We experienced that it is not easy to find well-researched answers, in Dutch, to life’s questions or difficult claims of the Bible. This brought us to the desire to find an answer for ourselves and many seeking young people, and record our findings. We were guided in this by people with experience in apologetics, theology, missionary and audio/video production.

In 2020, we began researching 52 questions about the Christian faith that affect Christians and non-Christians. For a year we prepared ourselves to find the right answers to these questions, which we then scripted.

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