At ICF we are blessed with many children. This is a gift from God! These children are not only the church of the future, but the church of today! They are an important part of God’s plan, and at ICF, we are thrilled to be a part of that plan.
We always start the main service in worship together. During this time there is a special moment for the children, after which they go to their own clubs. Every Sunday, each age group has their own Kids Club, where they learn about God and His plan for this world in fun and engaging ways.
Normal Sundays are filled with age-appropriate lessons about God, but in addition to that, we have fun programs around the major Christian holidays that the kids are always thrilled to participate in, including occasional musicals and performances!
Our volunteers love spending time with the kids, and from the youngest to the oldest, Sundays are always a fun time of fellowship and learning!

Nursery: 0-2 years
Toddlers: 2-4 years
Josiah’s: 5-6 years
Esther’s: 7-8 years
Gideon’s: 9-10 years

We are always welcoming of more volunteers with a heart for sharing the gospel with our children!
If you’d like to learn how to serve in the children’s ministry, please contact