Dear friends,

“God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.”
I love the word “ever-present”. Do we need that in times like these. When isolation is the only vaccine we have so far, He is an ever-present help!
During these weeks we will fight for three things.
1) To put our hope in the Lord.
2) To have fellowship with one another, even though we are apart.
3) And to let His light shine in this dark world, in word, prayer and deeds.

To put our hope in the Lord:
10:30  Online church service

The children can watch their own program at
This is the link to the childerens material:
You can view the old livestreams at our youtube channel:

Reopening the services of ICF in July:
A lot of thinking has gotten into it how we will reopen the services this in ICF. On a normal Sunday, about 400 people come to the Swaef, including about 100 children. As it now seems, from the 1st of July churches can be opened again with a maximum of 100 people. Also, the size of the main hall in our building shows us that about 100 people can safely find their place while each household is maintaining 1,5. distance from others. And it is not allowed to do more services shortly after one another in the same building. This means that on a Sunday only a quarter of us can be present at the Swaef and the rest still has to follow the service via the livestream. This hurts us deeply. We long to see each other and experience the beauty of one family around Christ.

But this is not holding us back to look forward to the moment that we can feel a bit of that joy.
So how will you know when to come?

  • The Lord willing, on both the 5th and the 12th of July we will celebrate the baptism and confession of faith of people who have decided to follow Jesus. We want them to invite as many unbelieving friends and family and people that have a spiritual connection with them. (Of course, that will include people from ICF as well.) That means that we will work with invitations on the 5th and the 12th of July. (This seems to me an extra good reason to try to bring people to Christ 😉 )

After this, we have chosen not to work with registration or invitation, because that will give extra barriers to visit the services. Instead, we will divide ourselves into four groups, based on the first letter of our last name.

  • July 19: last names starting with the letters A – D (including names like “van Asperen”)
  • July 26: last names starting with the letters E-J
  • August 2: last names starting with the letters K – P
  • August 9: last names starting with the letters Q – Z

Shine the Light:
Doing groceries, making food, help in transport, donate (Deaconry bank account:NL68RABO0361977999) etc. etc. If you want to help, see someone who could use help or are in need of help in a practical way? Please contact the deacons: deacons@icfrotterdam.nl

God is in Control!

Ds. Coen Legemaate
Pastor International Christian Fellowship Rotterdam