Coming Sunday all ICF people welcome!
This Sunday the service will take place outside again. Please bring as much cooling as possible, such as waterbottles, caps, umbrellas, beach-umbrellas (and a parasol-base!) etc etc, it will be very hot in the schoolyard.

  • August 16: last names starting with the letters E-J
  • August 23: last names starting with the letters K – P
  • August 30: last names starting with the letters Q – Z

Please be aware that we will constantly evaluate, so keep reading the weekly mail and the website!

10:30  Online church service

The children can watch their own program at
This is the link to the childerens material and songtexts:
You can view the old livestreams at our youtube channel:

Reopening the services of ICF:
We now have the option of worship services outside during the rest of the Summer. And if we are outside, our estimation is that we stay within the restrictions to safely receive all ICF people who want to come and without registration (250p).

That means:

  • We keep the schedule based on the first letter of the last name.
  • On Friday 12 Noon we hope to surprise you that all ICF people are welcome, because the weather predictions are good. This will be published in the weekly mail and on the website.
  • We will all pray this Summer that on Sunday mornings from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM not a drop of rain will fall in Rotterdam-Carnisse!

In the meantime we will continu to livestream the services. If you do not want to be seen on the livestream, please talk to the people with the yellow jerseys. They will lead you to a seat that will not be videoed.

Shine the Light:
Doing groceries, making food, help in transport, donate (Deaconry bank account:NL68RABO0361977999) etc. etc. If you want to help, see someone who could use help or are in need of help in a practical way? Please contact the deacons: deacons@icfrotterdam.nl