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Passion for God, Compassion for People


A fresh, present day bilingual church in Rotterdam, with people from all nations. With more than 40 nationalities we guarantee fascinating differences and surprising encounters. The shared faith in Jesus Christ gives us a unique and joyful unity.
Following in Jesus' footsteps, we want to appreciate, encourage, and build eachother up. We also want to actively support people who need help.
This website is intended to welcome you to our services and activities.
If you have questions, feel free to drop us a line through office@icfrotterdam.nl.


25 september 2016, a playlist by icfrotterdam on Spotify

Wat een prachtige lijst, welkom in ICF morgen, half 11. ******************** What a beautiful list, welcome..

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18 september 2016, a playlist by icfrotterdam on Spotify

Terug van weggeweest: de afspeellijst voor morgen. Welkom in de dienst! ********* A comeback: the playlist..

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